Playing live Poker in 2020

Playing live Poker in 2020

Online poker life is booming in 2020 more so than ever.  The world as we knew it is changing fast and we begin to learn new skills we never thought we had to learn. I’m mainly a Live Poker player and of course love the game of skill and the bit of luck that everyone needs.. Lately I do find myself benefiting from playing online, more time to research and try improve my game! 

But I do miss the live tables too! Meeting up with friends, the banter, playing against people with  different skills, making mistakes, catching out the bluffers and the feeling of having the nuts and trying to keep a straight face when I go “all in” 

Pokio is the perfect platform for everyone! Online tournaments and cash games, fast and furious is how I’m describing online poker life. Deep tournaments with massive Prize pools that let me relax and enjoy the game from the comfort of my home. 

Now I’m thinking of playing a live tournament or two. The excitement of sitting down at a table with a fresh stack, shuffling chips through my fingers while I try read my opponent. Stacking my chips up quickly before I have to make a decision on my next hand. 

The beautiful Grand Casino As. Is located on the west of the Czech Republic and is hosting the Pokio Poker Cup with a massive €65,000 Guaranteed in tournaments, the main event is €50,000 alone.

Held over 4 days and 5 day 1 events the final will be on Sunday 4th October. Could I spin up a ticket for €5? Or even one of the packages to include the hotel stay for €10? One of the many Side events will include a €7000 Guaranteed PLO Cup  tournament which will sure fill up fast! Yes I’m going to try, why not! 

Cliché yes, 

“If You’re not in you can’t win”

So If like me and you would love to get away check out full schedule here and let me know what you think and your views on playing Live poker again.


Author: Amelia Holmes