5 Tips to win on online poker

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Going through a round of poker can be an enticing way to spend time for many. Playing a hand and grabbing hold of some cash draws people into poker. And with the emergence of online poker, playing poker has become bigger than ever. The fact that people now can participate from the seats of their toilet or the comforts of their bed really helps. But as much leisurely this can sound, because there is money involved, winning is also important. Here are 5 tips to win on online poker.


One of the worst aspects of online poker is that often totally new players flop-in, dreaming about easy money and only end up crying. This happens because- believe it or not- online poker it simply too accessible. Any person with a PC or a phone can join online poker. This makes online poker dangerous. Whereas in real life poker, players who are starting out get kicked into learning by friends- with whom a player starts- or just the intimidation of playing can force newbies into learning, in online poker, nobody tells them to learn. Thus, unaware of any of the proceedings, these players lose bags of money. To begin with, learn about the different types of poker like ‘Texas hold’em’ or ‘Blackjack’. Then learn what each different terms and jargons mean. And lastly, learn the ranking of each hand.


Bluffing in poker is what makes good players great. When playing a hand, you will miss the turn or the flop quite a bit of times. It is better if you can make the other players fold. Better players know when it is time to bluff. One of the more important steps is to put down a c-bet (continuation bet) and keep the round moving. Bluffing can also eb a disguise. You can draw you opponents into thinking that you are trying to buy the pot out but in reality, you have a decent hand.

Alternatively, you do not want to bluff too much. When bluffing, you can run down your chips quickly. This is exaggerated when you are facing a station that does not acknowledge your bluffs. You can put in smaller stake, more calculated bluffs in situations where there are chances of your hand improving. Other than that, too much bluffing will only do harm.

Fold when needed

Folding in poker can be boring. This happens especially more when you are sitting in front of your PC and feel utterly useless doing nothing. But folding is the sensible thing to do in many situations. And folding can be the strategy that saves you and wins you money. The beauty of online poker is that you can have multiple hands going simultaneously. Also, in faster forms of play, you can go through a lot of hands. As such, it is sensible to fold in and not take risks with weaker hands.

Don’t play too much

Can there be anything as playing too much? Yes, there can. In a brick-and-mortar building, paying real poker, you can only play at a single table. But in online poker, there is practically no limits to how many tables you can play. This tempts newer players a lot. Often times they think that the more tables they play the better. You might think this is an easy way of winning more money. However, it is not. Poker is a game that requires attention and carefully thought-about decisions. Playing multiple tables divides the attention and takes away the care. All-in-all, the chances of you landing an aggregate loss in comically high. So, stay focused on a solitary table especially if you are new.

Also, as a side note, pay attention. It can be alluring to scroll through your social media feed, or watch a video, but please desist. Pay your complete attention to the game.

Mind your position

Knowing your position on the table is key. If you are on an earlier position, you have less information of the round. You have to take decisive actions. You also have to face the raises or re-raises. Often times, if you are in an earlier position, you will be stuck making calls. In a later position, you have more info f the round. Chances of you facing an immediate raise lower. And you can calculate better. On you poker table it is imperative you have you position in mind and take actions accordingly.


Online poker is a booming and alluring attraction. Whilst many just stroll across in low stakes hands to spend some time, others can it extremely seriously. In either cases, winning is important. With the listed out tips in mind, your chances of winning can surely rise.

Author: Amelia Holmes